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K.E.Y focuses on behavioural competency development within the professional sphere and provides its clientele with solutions that Assess, Evaluate and Validate those that it chooses to up-skills and align with organizational objectives. We are a full accreditation as a Provider of Training & Development of learning programmes with HRD Corp


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K.E.Y offering a series of courses to boost performance, productivity and communication skills.

The training is to benefit your business by equipping employers & employees with an understanding of psychology of human personality & behaviour to manage and build better relationship.

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Case Studies / Succes Stories

With more than 6 years of experience in training locally and internationally including in Malaysia, China, and Indonesia, our programs have impacted more than 50,000 youth and adults ranging from job seekers to management and as well as SME owners. Our clients include Maybank Group, OCBC, Proton, Deloitte, Manulife, Zurich, Munchy’s, Mary Kay, Carlsberg, Parkson, Naza, Levi’s Strauss, Vistage CEO Club, Tuck Sun Logistics, AIFA Hotel &, etc.