Custella is a software application that is designed for organizations to plan & manage work, information, assets and people that are mobile. Custella supports sales & service teams as well as transport management i.e. fleet planning for logistics.

Using predictive algorithms Custella intelligently optimizes people management, time & money spent, and assets used.

Custella will assign, track and report on work that is assigned to people based on best fit in real-time. People & vehicle assignments are based on: Location, Capacity, Availability, Skill, Utilization, Travel Time and Distance, Predictive Traffic, Road Ban, and Restrictions.


Custella addresses a gap in many companies with a mobile workforce and/or fleet. This gap is typically filled by extending existing systems which tends to lead to limited success. Custella integrates to existing systems and completes the solution efficiently as well as works perfectly well as a standalone application.

Custella Field Service

Custella Transport Management

Custella Field Sales

Custella Case/SLA Management

Custella Asset/ Inventory Management

Custella Case Study: Hills Health Solutions

Optimizing Service Support to Ensure a Better Patient Experience.

Hills Health Solutions is a publicly listed company that supplies security, IT, and health products across Australia and New Zealand. Its health business, Hills Health Solutions, is the largest manufacturer/supplier of nurse call solutions in Australia, and the company complements this offering with patient engagement technology, including hospital TV’s and movie hire.

The Patient Entertainment Systems (PES) team maintain over 17,000 hospital-grade TV’s in 86 hospital sites across Australia. TV entertainment is a pleasant way for patients to pass the time while they receive treatment, and hospital TV’s are often left running for long periods of time. When they do require maintenance, it becomes a time-critical task, as there is a patient waiting to ‘switch on’.